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Decal Application Instructions

Understanding the Decal
A decal consists of three layers as pictured below


The top layer is called application tape; it allows you to transfer the decal to the surface you want to stick it to. The next layer is the decal itself. The bottom layer is the backing paper, the adhesive underside of the decal rests on this.
Decal Application

Step 1:

Clean surface and remove any dirt, oils before attaching decal. Place decal on a hard smooth surface (front side of decal facing up). DO NOT remove clear transfer tape.

Step 2:

Using a credit card, squeegee the entire decal surface. Apply medium pressure to the decal surface. DO NOT remove clear transfer tape. application_step2

Step 3:

Apply a strip of masking tape to the top of the decal. Position the masking tape half way on the clear transfer tape and half off. The masking tape that is off the transfer tape will be used to secure and position the decal.application_step3

Step 4:

Attach and secure masking tape and decal for placement.

Step 5:

Carefully peel off the bottom corner of the transfer tape and hold down the backing paper. (IMPORTANT: Make sure the entire decal is attached to the transfer tape. If the decal is not attached to the transfer tape gently push it back onto the backing paper and re squeegee with medium pressure, only the area that is not adhering to the clear transfer tape and try lifting again.)


*Discard backing paper

Step 6:

Squeegee the entire decal surface to allow proper adhesion to surface. Start from the top of the decal design and evenly squeegee in a downward motion from left to right all the way to the bottom of the decal.

Step 7:

Carefully peel back the transfer tape, pulling down at a 45 degree angle. The decal should adhere to the surface. If the decal adheres to the clear transfer tape replace the decal back on the surface and squeegee the edges of the decal again. Repeat if necessary

Tip : To remove any air bubbles under the decals after you have applied the decal, use a sewing needle, puncture the bubble and gently push the air bubble towards the hole with your finger.